Crazy Cricket

Simple addictive game ever!

Jump from block to block and get the best score!

The rules of this game are simple, avoid the pits and kill enemies by collecting as many points as possible.
During the run you can get various Powerups that will help you to beat the highscore.
Swipe up to jump: to right bottom you can view the current jump power that depends on your swipe moves.

Is available a global ranking and a series of achievements by touching the Joystick on the Home of game.
When Gameover is showed a summary and touching the joystick you will show the global ranking in order to share your results.

Download the game from Play Store:

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Screenshot_2014-06-06-03-04-04.png Icon Achievements In Game

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Platform Android
Last release 07/06/2014
Licence Free
Version 1.0.1
Android >= 2.0