Mercante in Fiera

The classic italian game for Android

Challenge the Merchant in a series of negotiations and proposals that will allow you to secure your next most coveted awards of the table.

Careful not to trust too much though, you may run into one of his clever bluff!

Play of cunning and luck and try to win prizes more substantial!

Explanation of the Game:
At the beginning of the game you have to turn the "Delete cards", if you have one or more of these cards, you will be removed from the deck, the same thing applies to the merchant.

Once you have shot all 4 cards, you will go down pyramid "Prizes", each card will be associated with an award that crops belong to you or the merchant.

During the course of the game you will be offered a range of offers and trade and sales by the merchant who will try to "steal" the bravest or cards you offering that may lead to the victory of prize money.

Remember that the merchant knows all the cards in the table, both to eliminate that those of the pyramid, be careful!

The game can be downloaded directly by using Google Play Store:
It 'also available a free version directly from Google Play Store:

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Platform Android
Last release 28/10/2012
Licence Paid / Free
Version 1.2
Android >= 2.2